Pastel art with 3 primary colors三原色のパステル画

About Pastel drawing with three primary colors

About 30 years ago, I planted some seeds (watercolor painting of Waldorf Education) that I brought back to Japan from Europe.

The seeds began to bud here on Japanese soil. They grew and now, the flowers are blooming beautifully as three primary color pastel drawing with cotton.

How to draw a pastel pictures with three primary colors, are published by Atelier Lupinas “REVERBRATING COLORS”1-3.
You can find meny tips how to draw with red, yellow, and blue.

However, the merit of the pastel drawing workshops are to have colleagues who share together; to appreciate each other's work, how different and how nice of each.

Individuality is because it seems to shine only in a group.
I hope everyone will know pastel drawing workshops, that everyone can feel good.