Sakae Usuda臼田さかえ

I am a pastel workshop lecturer of three primary colors drawn with cotton.

The workshops are based on Goethe's color theory and Rudolf Steiner Education, that in Germany and Switzerland I studied.

My goal is to train leaders of pastel workshops!

published " INOCHI O HAGUKUMU IRO ; Color that fosters life - Learning from Steiner Education" (in May 2009, by Gakuji Publishing)

" Color to nurture Life "

I have been giving the pastel workshops of 3 primary colors for different ages.
In the pastel painting play corner, there are the appearance of infants who plays with color by mother, and opening a pastel painting course as part of the public hall activities gathers the region's aged generation. As a recreation of nursing home care facilities, I introduced pastel paintings to elderly people, and also for patients and their families in the hospitals.
As a teacher, I have opportunities to teach elementary school children, junior high school students, high school students, sometimes university students, and give the pastel workshops of 3 primary colors.

And, what I understand is, that everyone can draw pictures very easily with the pastel paintings of 3 primary method.
The most people say "I don’t have any images", but while they spreading the color on the postcard size paper as I tell, very nice pictures will be made. Color on color overlap, and it shines new color that happens to be born, it makes us good feeling.
It is not the purpose of photographing the shape, but if it is this way focusing on enjoying color, skill of drawing is irrelevant. Even those who were nervous somewhat before drawing, enjoyed pastel painting like color play with their fellow friends, and arrange the works of everyone who made it at the end, say " Wow, it’s beautiful! "

Everyone should have drawn the same way, using the same color, but everyone is different. And everyone is beautiful. As you arrange the pictures, it seems that the picture of everyone is connected.
It is wonderful that you can say "beautiful!" By looking at your own paintings, that you can get self-affirm.

Born in Matsumoto, grew up in Saku, Nagano
Study at Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts. Faculty of Fine Arts / Department of Design
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Work as graphic designer
Study at Seminar für Waldorfpädagogik (Freie Hochschule Stuttgart), Freie Waldorfschule Uhlandshöhe in Stuttgart, Wagner Malschule (Dornach/ Switzerland), Waldorf Kindergarten Reutlingen (by Ms. Freya Jaffke)
Lecture on Waldorf Education in Tokyo and other areas. Mainly, Watercolor painting, Formen.
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Art Teacher at junior high schools, and high school. Elementary school teacher, and more.
Art exhibitions at hospitals and clinics.
Pastel workshops from young children to elderly people
2years Study, at Graduate School of Tohoku
University of Art and Design (Masters degree)
"Research on children's art education" area
Author's publication " Color that fosters life - Learning from Steiner Education" (Gakuji Publishing)

Do you know why the sky blue is?

Do you know how the red sunset to be made?

And how do you feel of these colors?

You will find your answer after some experiments of Goethe’s, and your experiences in my workshops.

You will also agree, colors have the power to heal human hearts.

What I show here is a way that everyone can easily think about colors and easily enjoy the color play. Everyone can feel of the picture painted by yourself as "beautiful!". I would like to help you enjoying the pastel painting, workshops with your friends, and healing your heart.